Dreams and their meaning

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we have dreams and i recall hearing from a man of God that if you don’t dream then it means that your spiritual antenna has been cut off, there is no network. we have a biblical quotation to site to show that dreams can come from God or from the devil. that means you get a lot about your future from your dreams, to show you how dangerous it is not to dream. the devil also uses it cos you can be manipulated in your dreams and also be suppressed in your dreams, so you get information, imputation  and warfare in your dreams. the famous Micheal Jackson was reported to have died of over dose of sleeping drugs because demons appeared to him and told him they will give him a hit song in his dream. that also tells me that if your dream is from the devil or from God you are supposed to know. please brethren share this and tell me how you can tell that your dream is from God and not from the Devil.


One thought on “Dreams and their meaning

    Beware….FEAR IS THE DEVIL!! | Yearn for More said:
    November 17, 2013 at 5:38 pm

    […] Dreams and their meaning (blazerstorch.wordpress.com) […]

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